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Top 5 Most Popular Seafood Recipes

This list of the top 5 most popular seafood recipes is put together using the amount of views on
Sat, Sep 18, 2021
Views: 5613
Top 5 Most Popular Seafood Recipes

1) Portuguese Style Stuffed Quahogs Recipe

Learn how to make Portuguese style stuffed quahogs recipe with chouriço.

Views: 143959


2) Portuguese Mom's Cod Fritters Recipe

Serve these amazing Portuguese cod fritters (pataniscas de bacalhau) with rice and a salad.

Views: 80539


3) Portuguese Seafood Rice Recipe

A Portuguese dish to die for, for seafood lovers everywhere.

Views: 69960


4) Portuguese Easy Shrimp Mozambique Recipe

Easy to make and delicious spicy shrimp flavored with wine and garlic.

Views: 60553


5) Portuguese Style Seafood Paella Recipe

This delicious Portuguese style seafood paella recipe is very popular and the best part is you can add your favorite seafood to it.

Views: 58137


This list of the 5 most popular seafood recipes is put together using the amount of views on

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