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Maria Dias - Tia Maria's Blog

Tia Maria's Blog has received millions of visitors and has over 40,000 social media followers from countries around the world.
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Maria Dias - Tia Maria's Blog

Maria Dias was born in northern Portugal and migrated to the United States as a young girl. She is a self-taught Cook/Author/Blogger. Currently, she writes and prepares recipes for Tia Maria's Blog which has received millions of visitors and has over 40,000 social media followers from countries around the world. Her first cookbook titled; Taste Portugal 101 easy Portuguese recipes published in 2014 has sold thousands of copies around the world and made the best seller list.

Her second cookbook titled; Taste Portugal More Easy Portuguese Recipes will be published this fall 2020. This second cookbook has 120 more easy to follow delicious recipes for the beginner or the experienced cook who wants to learn the basics and how to's of Portuguese cooking and share the joy of Portuguese cooking with their family and friends.

Maria and Lisa have a commitment to preserve Portuguese cuisine and culture for future generations of people around the world with Portuguese heritage. Lisa Dias, Maria's daughter, and Co-Author of both books, is a Cook/Blogger, Illustrator and Photographer for Tia Maria's Blog.




Tia Maria's Cooking Books: 

  1. Taste Portugal 101 Easy Portuguese Recipes Paperback (Amazon)
  2. Taste Portugal, More Easy Portuguese Recipes (Amazon)


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