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Top 10 Most Popular Portuguese Beef Recipes

This is a list of the top 5 most popular beef recipes on
Sun, Nov 28, 2021
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Top 10 Most Popular Portuguese Beef Recipes

1) Portuguese Pot Roast (Carne Assada) Recipe

This Portuguese pot roast (carne assada) recipe, makes a sumptuous feast of beef with roast potatoes.

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Portuguese Vinha D'alhos Marinade Recipe

2) Portuguese Vinha D'alhos Marinade Recipe

Portuguese marinade (vinha d'alhos) for pork or beef recipe. Please adjust the amount of ingredients by the amount of meat you are going to marinate. You will need enough to cover the meat.

Views: 103873


Portuguese Beef Stew Recipe

3) Portuguese Beef Stew Recipe

How to make Portuguese beef stew.

Views: 98307


Azores Beef Stew Recipe

4) Azores Beef Stew Recipe

This Azores style beef stew recipe (receita de carne guisada Acoriana) is from the Island of Pico.

Views: 62240


Portuguese Style Spaghetti with Beef & Linguiça Recipe

5) Portuguese Style Spaghetti with Beef & Linguiça Recipe

Quick and delicious Portuguese style pasta that's packed with flavor.

Views: 33543



Portuguese Braised Beef Recipe

6) Portuguese Braised Beef Recipe

This Portuguese braised beef recipe makes a delicious dish, with a thick and very flavorful sauce.

Views: 32904


Beef and Yam Stew Recipe

7) Beef and Yam Stew Recipe

Learn how to make this delicious beef and yam stew (carne guisada com inhames).

Views: 29647


Portuguese Sloppy Jose Recipe

8) Portuguese Sloppy Jose Recipe

A delicious sandwich made with Portuguese sausage (chouriço) and ground beef.

Views: 28735


Azorean Beef Casserole Recipe

9) Azorean Beef Casserole Recipe

This delicious recipe for a Azorean beef casserole (carne estufada dos Açores) is absolutely amazing and flavorful.

Views: 24879


Portuguese Chouriço  Kebabs Recipe

10) Portuguese Chouriço Kebabs Recipe

This Portuguese style kebabs recipe makes amazing grilled skewers of beef, pork and chouriço with peppers and onions, served with piri piri dipping sauce.

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