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How to Make a Traditional Madeiran Skewer

Learn how to make a traditional Madeiran skewer (espetada da Madeira).
Tue, May 3, 2022
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Jose de Freitas
Jose de Freitas - 2 years ago
Brings back memories
Geraldine Alongi
Geraldine Alongi - 2 years ago
This was a very entertaining,informative article. Thank you 😊
Nina - 2 years ago
I love your video, it takes me to wonderful memories of my Mama & my family that still lives on Madeira. My family loves meat on a stick, but I am having a hard time finding the correct salt to use. It seems to soak into the meat too much & not shake off. Could you please advise what salt to use & where I can order it from. Thank you so much