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Top 10 Highest Rated Pork Recipes

Here is a list of the top 10 highest rated pork recipes on
Sat, Aug 28, 2021
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Top 10 Highest Rated Pork Recipes


1) Portuguese Cozido (Boiled Meal) Recipe

This is a delicious, traditional and healthy Portuguese meal for the whole family (Cozido à Portuguesa).


2) Portuguese Roasted Pork Loin & Chouriço Recipe

This delicious Portuguese roasted pork loin and chouriço with potatoes recipe (receita de lombo de porco com chouriço e batatas) is very easy to prepare.


3) Portuguese Garlic Roasted Ribs Recipe

These delicious Portuguese garlic roasted ribs (entrecosto de alho assado no forno) go great with mashed potatoes.


4) Portuguese Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Accompany this Portuguese pork tenderloin with oven roasted sweet potatoes and white rice.


5) Pineapple Roasted Pork Loin Recipe

How to make roasted pork loin with pineapple.

6) Portuguese Meat Rice Recipe

How to make Portuguese pork meat rice with black beans.


7) Portuguese Chouriço à Bras Recipe

How to make Portuguese chouriço à bras.


8) Portuguese Fried Eggs with Chouriço and Fries Recipe

How to make Portuguese fried eggs with chouriço and fries.


9) Portuguese Spareribs Feijoada Recipe

How to make Portuguese spareribs feijoada.


10) Portuguese Smoked Pork Shank Roast Recipe

This Portuguese smoked pork shank roasted in the oven with smashed potatoes recipe (receita de pernil de porco fumado assado no forno com batatinhas a murro) is easy to prepare and delicious.


These 10 recipes are the highest rated pork recipes on


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