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Portugal - The Under-Rated Vacation Destination

Portugal is undoubtedly one of the most under-rated vacation destinations in all of Europe. It is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, as well as a warm and welcoming climate.
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Portugal - The Under-Rated Vacation Destination

If you want to explore the country's castles and monuments, see old Roman ruins, or simply relax on the beach, a self-catering holiday in Portugal will provide you with all you need and more.

This year, instead of booking a busy resort stay for your family and friends, consider renting a private villa on Portugal's Silver Coast, which is less commercial and offers more security, privacy, and comfort than a typical hotel stay or resort. A large number of villas have been constructed in excellent settings in recent years, providing you with an incredible selection of options.

If you want a combination of city life followed by a beach vacation, Sintra or Cascais are excellent choices, and both have plenty to offer. Even if you can schedule a relaxing vacation, you will be only a short drive away from the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon. A big number of new buildings have been purchased by expats specifically for holiday rental purposes, resulting in a wide range of villa options available around the country. As a result, you won't be limited to a single type of vacation in a single place.

Countryside rural areas reveal the true and traditional Portugal, with small villages and old rambling stone structures overlooking the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them.



Self-catering accommodations in Portugal are plentiful if you are looking to use them as a base for your beach vacation. The island of Madeira is a popular tourist destination. They are drawn to the area by its spectacular combination of stunning coastlines and rough mountain scenery.

When speaking of Portugal, it is impossible to avoid mentioning the Algarve region. Because of its wonderful, unspoiled soft sand beaches and crystal clear azure waters, the region has long been a preferred destination for tourists. The weather is fantastic, and after the peak tourist months of July and August, when the vast majority of visitors have returned home, September and October are the best months to visit for a wonderful vacation without having to contend with congested beaches. Because of these evident advantages, you will discover a significantly higher concentration of rental houses in the Algarve than in other parts of Portugal.

Portugal is also well-known for its well-organized events, such as musical festivals, and for being the home of a few of the world's most successful soccer teams, such as Benfica and Porto, among others. A cultural festival or something more mainstream, such as the Chocolate Fair or the mediaeval festival in Obidos, can be a good place to base your vacation itinerary.

Self-catering accommodations can be booked online so that you can see and enjoy the beauty of this country for yourself.

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