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How to Make 1 Loaf of Portuguese Sweet Bread

How to make 1 loaf of Portuguese sweet bread, also known as Massa Sovada, is a traditional and beloved baked treat that originates from Portugal.
Thu, Jul 13, 2023
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Video Credit: DIYwithnancyg

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sharon - 8 months ago
How do you print the recipe?
Sharon this is a blog but you can still print it if you open it up on a browser, however if you came to this blog from Facebook, The Facebook app does not support printing from it.
8 months ago
Here you go Sharon, just make sure you are using a browser and not the Facebook app: Portuguese sweet bread recipe (1 loaf).
8 months ago
Maggie - 8 months ago
Just did 1 massa and I’m very satisfied with the results will do it again I would like to know what’s the recipe for 3 lofts of massa
sharon... how do you print the recipe?
sharon... how do you print the recipe?
... how do you print the recipe?
8 months ago
Brenda - 9 months ago
Thank you so much for this, your instructions are so great I might be able to pull this off.