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25 Highly-Rated Restaurants in São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

Here are 25 highly-rated restaurants in São Miguel, Azores, Portugal, based on online ratings and reviews.
Thu, Mar 9, 2023
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25 Highly-Rated Restaurants in São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
  1. Tony's Restaurant - Contemporary, European, Portuguese cuisine
  2. A Tasca - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  3. Cais 20 - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  4. O Gato Mia - Pizza, Italian cuisine
  5. Associação Agrícola - Steakhouse, Portuguese cuisine
  6. Alabote - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  7. Caloura Bar - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  8. A Colmeia - Steakhouse, Portuguese cuisine
  9. Rotas da Ilha Verde - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  10. O Galego - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  11. Tasca do Chico - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  12. Sabores do Chef - European, Portuguese cuisine
  13. Restaurante Mariserra - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  14. Tasca da Esquina - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  15. Restaurante O Pescador - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  16. Terra Nostra Garden Restaurant - European, Portuguese cuisine
  17. Solar Rei dos Frangos - Portuguese cuisine
  18. Casa de Pasto A Ilha - Portuguese cuisine
  19. Forno de Lenha - Pizza, Italian cuisine
  20. Canto da Doca - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  21. A Favorita - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  22. Restaurante O Atlântico - Seafood, Portuguese cuisine
  23. Cantinho dos Anjos - Steakhouse, Portuguese cuisine
  24. Quinta dos Sabores - European, Portuguese cuisine
  25. Restaurante Gastronómico - European, Portuguese cuisine

Please note that restaurant ratings and reviews can change over time, so it's always a good idea to check current reviews before making a dining decision.

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