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Azores - The Green Wonder of the Atlantic

Azores - an extremely green and isolated place, with a unique climate and ecstatic scenery. In this episode we will travel to San Miguel, Faial, Flores Islands and see what the largest endemic collection of plants and birds in the world looks like.
Tue, Jun 28, 2022
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Alice - 1 year ago
Love the video, but some things aren't tottaly acurate, for example we do not have a different dialect, just different pronunciation from the mainland, and we do have sometimes snow and frost at some point just very rare and just some locations.
Earl Hill
Earl Hill - 1 year ago
As one who got to experience the Azores while stationed there with the US Air Force some 50+ years ago, I can attest to the Winter weather’s unpredictablity. That being said, my time spent there was some of the most enjoyable of my twenty plus years traveling courtesy of Uncle Sam. Certainly there have been many, many changes in the past half century but if anything, the beauty of the islands and the people remain.
Robert Wynn
Robert Wynn - 1 year ago
Have been there. I call it my paradise in the sun. Especially love Lajes.