The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Portugal

Located in southwestern Europe, Portugal is the perfect holiday destination all year around. It is one of the oldest nations in Europe with the oldest borders, existing as a country for more than eight centuries.
Tue, May 31, 2022
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The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Portugal

1 – Culture

I's one of the world's great historical countries, with characteristic and surprising sights, cultural possessions, UNESCO Heritage sites and beautiful sceneries that make it a delight for walkers and photographers.


2 – Weather

The weather is fantastic! It is not too hot in summer and generally mild in winter. With perfect temperatures almost all year round and warm sun, Portugal is a wonderful destination for enjoying great beaches.


3 – Affordability

It's the cheapest country in the Western Europe. For the price of mid-range accommodations somewhere in Europe you will have a chance to upgrade your experience to luxury accommodation in Portugal.


4 – Food

If you love to eat, you are in the perfect place. The codfish assume great prominence and according to the Portuguese people there are 1001 different ways of cooking it. Excellent seafood like sardines and octopus together with cured meats (sausages and ham), delicious bread, pastries and a deep knowledge of flavors put Portugal at the top of the gastronomy ranking.


5 – Wine

Each dish has the perfect wine to accompany. Portugal produces a great selection of both red and white wines. If Port wine is world-famous, national wines also have great variety and notoriety. The most famous regions are Douro, Alentejo, and Dão, which rely on several international distinctions. There is a great quality wine at a very reasonable price.




6 – Vibrant Nightlife

Nightlife is another huge reason to visit Portugal. Numerous dance clubs, bars and restaurants helped contribute to the reputation of a party destination. Porto and Lisbon have the busiest nightlife.


7 – Golf

Portugal is one of the top Golf Destinations in Europe over the last two decades. It wan World's Best Golf Destination 2014 in the World Golf Awards. Cheaper than Spain, France and Italy, is extremely popular with golfers looking for a more cost-effective way to experience Golf in the Mediterranean sunshine.


8 – Nature

Portugal offers a several natural parks that you can view and explore. With a huge variety of fauna and flora, the best one is Peneda-Gerês National Park, considered one of the best national parks in Europe.


9 – Religious Destination

The Catholic religion is deeply enrooted into the customs and traditions of the Portuguese nation. There are numerous monasteries, churches and chapels all over the country. Fátima and Braga are the most important pilgrim sites.


10 – Fado

Many restaurants throughout Portugal have Fado, a type of urban music with nostalgic and melancholic feeling that reflects the experience of a people and centuries of history, accompanied by the Portuguese guitar. Fado must be listened with a "soul that knows how to listen”.


Article & Photo Credit: Inês Sousa

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