The Top 10 Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is one of the world's most beautiful countries! From boating on the Algarve Coast to exploring the castles of Sintra, Portugal offers so much variety to experience and witness! Where is your favorite place to visit in Portugal?
Tue, Apr 19, 2022
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Video Credit: Ryan Shirley

Get Portuguese spices

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Bea - 2 years ago
Wonderful video. We love Portugal but have always holidayed in the Algarve. This makes us want to explore!!! Thank you.
Ken - 2 years ago
That is a great video enjoyed
Patti Klavert
Patti Klavert - 2 years ago
Beautifully organized- Portugal 🇵🇹 the home of my ancestors- Thank You - felt myself smiling throughout
Clsudette - 2 years ago
Thanks for a great video. Have visited Madeira and Sao Miguel but now want to see the whole country!
Joao vasconcelos
Joao vasconcelos - 2 years ago
Interesting how the Island of Porto Santo was not mentioned at all in this video!